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June 1


Mr Prvrt

Aerosol Kingdom

Chicago Truborn, 6p -10p

Rochester, NY based artist Mr. Prvrt will be showcasing recycled spray cans and other pieces that have been decorated with animal stencils and paintings. 


Zach Shrey

What’s Up Doc

Line Dot Editions, 6p - 9p

Zach Shrey, 1/3 of the illustrious POP!nkEditions will be hosting his second show at Line Dot where he will be showcasing an exclusive selection of paintings that pay homage to and satirize cartoon and comic characters and well-known brand logos.


Jennifer Cronin

Seen and Unseen

Elephant Room Gallery, 6p - 9p

Jennifer Cronin will be showcasing prints and paintings based off her experiences in Newtok, Alaska in 2016. 







June 6


Merid Tafesse

A Stream of Consciousness

Gallery Guichard, 6p - 10p

Ethiopian contemporary artist Merid Tafesse, known for his works using charcoal and acrylics, will be showcasing his art focusing on his experiences in various places and coming into contact with different people. 

June 7


Mac Blackout

Cosmic Pop

Galerie F, 6p - 10p


Slaps! Vol. 2 (curated by Kawaii Suga, featuring multiple artists)

Vault Galerie, 6p - 10p

A number of different Chicago-based artists such as Fedzart and Penny Pinch will be showcasing their unique styles in the form of stickers in a show curated by Kawaii Suga.


June 8



The short distance between lands. The long distance between ports.

Vertical Gallery, 6p - 9p

Colombian street artist Stinkfish, who is known for his colorful and pattern filled portraits, will be hosting his first Chicago exhibition. 

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